Did you pick the right A-levels for you?

Picking your alevels can be a difficult and hard decision, especially if you are like me and are very indecisive. In this blogpost I will be telling you things you should consider when picking them.

1) Does your future plans require a specific A-level?

For example if you want to apple for medicine in the future you will need to have to studied 2 sciences at alevel, or if you want to do engineering you may consider studying physics and maths. If you unsure about what you want to study in the future don't worry about it as I was in the same place as you!

Also there are other routes to get to medicine and other course if you haven't taken the A-levels they require such as postgraduate schemes or foundation year!!

2) Do you enjoy these A-levels?

Don't pick a subject you hate, A-levels are hard and require lots of motivation and dedication so picking A-levels you hate, you will be less motivated to study it and do well. You will find yourself more dedicated to your A-levels if you enjoy them.

3) Can you handle the work load?

Some students may choose to study more than 3 A-levels and this is great but if you also have a part time job and a sport activity you do every weekend, do you think you can handle all the work? if yes then by all means take more then 3 A-levels. However most universities only ask for 3 and taking more that 3 doesn't give you any advantages. Also do be aware that the work load is a lot more and it will be more stressful so time management is essential. I would recommend taking the A-levels that are necessary for you, but if you know you find it hard to balance school life and social life you may want to consider sticking to 3 A-levels.

Thank you for reading my blogpost. Just a reminder that I write from my experience and what I saw at my sixth form, other ways and routes can work too but I am writing on what was successful for me and others. Bye!

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