Feeling Guilty When Not Working

During my GCSE I would work all the time because I thought I would fail if I didn't and when I wasn't working I would be feeling guilty. This the worst feeling to have and lead me to be very unhappy and isolated. In this blogpost I will be telling ways to get rid of this guilt.

Firstly, I want to say the more hours you spend revising doesn't necessary mean you will be getting better marks. This is so important to remember, I see so many people say they revised for 2 weeks for a test but they actually spent most of the time just writing notes, writing notes isn't revision, you are learning very little and won't be getting you the grades you want.

In fact working so much can be counter productive and actually lead you to be unable to concentrate and therefor won't improve your grades. Being consistent and efficient in revision is what will improve your grades.

Secondly, you have to shift your mindset, stop doubting yourself and putting yourself down. I would think I am a failure if I took a break from revision, but its essential, like your phone needs charging, so does your brain. Resting allows the brain to be more alert and you can concentrate more when working.

Have some confidence in your abilities but be real with yourself. If you know you are weak on a certain topic work on it to improve. If you know when you are working you are being effective and giving your 100%, then there is no need to feel guilty as you have done as much as you can.

Stop fearing failure. Failing now means you can succeed when it really counts which would be your exams at the end of year 13.

Thank you for reading my blogpost. Feeling guilty about work is normal but you can reduce it. I have other blogpost of effective revision that you should check out. Bye!

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