How I revised

I have a blogpost on why I didn't write notes but today I will be telling you how I approached revision which was effective and enabled me to get high grades.

This is a step-by-step guide on how I revised.

1) I would read my textbooks on the topic I desire to revise or watch a video on it.

2) Then I would make a rough spiderweb of what I have learnt to see what I remember, I would then reference back to the textbook to ensure all necessary details are covered

3) I then redo the spiderweb and see how much I remember. These spiderwebs are rough and I didn't keep them, it took me approx 10 minutes to create it.

4) I would start doing past papers once I am confident that I know the basics of the topic. Doing past paper question will highlight how the examiner wants me to answer the questions and what I am weak on.

5) If I see I am weak on a certain bit of the topic, I will revisit the textbook to insure I understand the idea/ concept correctly.

6) I would start revision a week before the test ( this is for end of topic tests) and do a bit of revision everyday, me revisiting the topic daily ensures the knowledge is committed to my long term memory.

7) If I am confident with my knowledge then I will stop revising it.

This is how I approached revision, this way may not be useful for you, but I do recommend trying it out. Revision is unique to everyone, but if you feel like you are struggling then try a different way of revision.

Thank you for reading my blogpost. Bye!

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