How to deal with stress

Being stressed during exam periods and at school is very normal. However, when the stress becomes too much is will effect your academic and social life, leaving you feeling drained and miserable. Here are some tips to combat this.

Be active

Doing any form of exercise will clear your mind and allow you think better. Exercise released endorphins which triggers a positive feeling in your body.

Talk to someone

Talking to someone you trust about your worries and stress can make you feel lighter as it releases the weight you have been holding. It allows you to see your problems more clearly and they could provide a solution for you.

Sleep well

When you are stressed especial during exam seasons you may think that working more and sleeping less is a good idea but you couldn't be further from the truth. Prioritise sleep as it well leave you feeling more energised and ready for the day.

Work smarter not harder

Especially during exam season limit your extra activities and social life, and prioritise you work. This will make you feel less stressed as you would have more time for revision and resting, and it's easier to balance fewer things in your day.

Avoid bad habits

When stressed you may find yourself engaging in bad habits eg eating less or more. This will only leave you feeling rubbish about yourself and these habits may stay with you after your stressful time period. Habits are hard to break so try avoiding delving into bad habits.

Take a break

It's important at stressful time periods in your life to take breaks and have 'me time' engage in activities that you enjoy and make you feel calm, this could be simply taking a bath or playing online games.


If you're feeling stressed about your exams, then don't just sit down and do nothing. Do some revision as this will boost your confidence in your abilities and will reduce your worries around exams as you know you are doing something to increase your chance of getting a good grade

Be confident

Have confidence in your abilities, if you have done everything you can possibly do to prepare for your exams then be confident that you can smash those exams as you have worked for them.

Hopefully these tips help you. Check out my instagram for more helpful time. Bye!

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