How to get the grades you want

Here I will be telling you how I got the most out of my revision time and how I was productive during alevels which helped me achieve the grades I want. Even adding a few of these tips into your life can make a change.

1) What time do you work best at?

For me I am more productive in the morning, so on school days I would wake up at 5 a.m and work for 2 hours before school, I would work in my 2 free periods in school, and then after school I would do my homework so overall in my day I would have done around 6 hours of work and had my evening free to relax. I planned my day making sure revision is done is the morning, if you work better at night plan your day so at night most your work is done then.

2) Remove distractions when working

When working remove all your distractions. For me that was my phone so I would either put it on silence or power off and place it in a different room. You will be more productive and you will achieve more.

3) Making lists

Every day in the morning I would write a list of tasks I want to accomplish in the day, this saved me a lot of time as I already knew what work must be done in the day. Make sure your list is realistic, don't put down loads of tasks because it will be daunting and you're more likely to put it off. Ticking tasks off your list can be motivating for you to accomplish everything.

4) Taking breaks

There is no need to revise for 24/7. In year 12 on average I probably did 4-5 hours of work per school day and during mocks I did around 6-8 hours ,only work when you actually need you don't want to burn out in year 12 as year 13 is more stressful and harder. Being consistent is key and you will see more progress doing so. During year 12 summer holiday insure you take a good rest as year 13 is very hectic with mocks and uni applications and it can get overwhelming so you want to be as rejuvenated as possible.

5)Making a goal

Before I started alevels I wrote down what grades I would like to achieve at the end of year 13, doing this kept me motivated and allowed me to see the bigger image, I was less disheartened if I got a bad mark in a test because I saw it as a learning opportunity in which it would enable me to achieve the results I want.

6) Mindset

Having the right mindset is very important you must believe that you can achieve the grades you want for them to happen. You must be confident that you can achieve these grades. Having friends with the same mindset can be motivating also as you can push each other in achieving high grades.

7) Ask for help

If you find a topic hard or if you are struggling to understand a concept ask for help and tackle it straight away instead of leaving it for later. Make sure you are understanding everything as you go along. If you would like any help in understanding a topic don't hesitate to email me and we can discuss something from there (

8) Have a hobby

A hobby should be something you enjoy and make sure you put time for it. Alevels isn't and shouldn't be you working all day and night, take time out and do activities you enjoy this will keep you consistent in your work and is good for your overall wellbeing.

9) Sleep well

Make sure you are well rested aim for 7-9 hours of sleep. Being well rested means you are more alert and you can accomplish a lot more. Being well rested means you can concentrate better and learn better.

Hopefully taking up any of these tips will help you achieve the grades you desire. Thank you for reading. Make sure to read my other blog posts. Bye!

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