How to tackle difficult Alevels

Everyone knows alevels are hard but you can make it easier for yourself, in this blog post I will be telling you the steps I took to make alevels easier for me and allowed me to attain the grades I wanted.

1) Being proactive in your learning

Take responsibility over your learning, this is your alevels not anyone else. For me I would either read ahead or watch a video explaining the topic I'd be learning. I would read/watch the topic before the lesson (usually in the morning before school) this gave me a head start and in class I was able to pick up ideas more easily as I already knew the basics of this topic. This will help in the long term memory as you would have reviewed the topic multiple time and makes lesson time more easy. Also allows you to get more out of your lesson as you already know the bits you don't understand.

2) Review you lessons

Especially for me difficult topics review the work you had done in school this allows you to solidify your understanding and highlights bits that you need to focus on or get a better understanding of.

3) Use different resources

If you are finding a topic hard and are not understanding it from your teacher, ask another teacher to explain to you, you may find it easier to understand through another view point. I also like to vary my resources I had my school booklets , textbooks and youtube videos ( I have you tubers and textbooks that I recommend in my resources tab) this aided my understanding as I was getting information explained in different ways.

These are my top 3 tips that I used which helped during alevels, hope they help you too. Bye!

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