How to use past papers

Past papers is what saved me throughout GCSE and Alevels, however just doing past papers is what is going to get you those grades and in this blogpost I'll be telling how to use past papers effectively

Before you start doing past papers make sure you have understood the topic and you are confident with your knowledge. When starting to do past paper questions don't be shook if you get a lot wrong, you are doing these papers to understand what answers the examiners want. The questions that you get wrong right down the question on a flashcard and the answer and learn it! This is the essential bit learn the mark scheme to understand how the examiner whats you to answer the question. Must times the same idea or type of question comes in the exams so if you know a basic response to the question you can adapt and change it to suit the question.E.g in biology the same natural selection question comes so learn the basic structure of the answer.

If you keep doing past papers consistently you will improve essential skills such as inference and spotting trends which can only be developed through practice. Also your speed would improve and you will have an overall confidence when taking exams.

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