How To Use Your Textbook Effectively

As you may know from my previous blogposts, I didn't write notes for my Alevels so I relied heavily on my textbooks. Therefor the textbooks I had were important, I was looking for a textbook that I had all the information required and presented the information in a way I understood.

Firstly find the textbook that is right for you, for me I was looking for a textbook that was straight to the point with examples and diagrams presented when appropriate. The textbooks that I used are

AQA A Level Chemistry Student Book 1 by Hodder Education-

AQA A Level Chemistry Student Book 2 by Hodder Education-

AQA Biology: A Level: September 2015-

Your school may provide you with textbooks, so only buy them if you feel like you need them.

Secondly, use the little summary questions at the end of each subtopic these are so useful as it test your generic understanding of the topic and summarises very well each subtopic.

Thirdly add annotations to the textbook, I used sticky notes and put reminders on things I kept forgetting or getting wrong so when I came back to revise to my exams I know which bits to focus on.

Fourthly, at the end of the textbook especially the Oxford University Press there is a mathematic skills section which is very useful as you may not be taught it at school specifically also they have lots of practical skill questions, which in my opinion are one of the hardest type of questions and practicing it is very important.

Try and make full use of your resource, I really do believe you could get excellent grades without paying a fortune. Thank you for reading my blogpost. Bye!

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