Making a timetable

Being organised is a good habit for life, and can help you with alevels. Making a timetable saves a lot of thinking time, and keeps you on top of your work.

Creating a timetable is a very effective way of getting all tasks you want done. For me I would make a list of tasks I want to do with placing the most important task at the top of the list and allocating times I want to spend on them. e.g

Homework 30 minutes

Chemistry revision 1 hour

Reading 45 minutes

For me I didn't like blocking times out of my day on when to do the activity because I never knew what other things may come up in my day, the way I used to structure my day was more flexible and attainable for me. You may find that structuring your day like a school timetable better for you.

Making lists and allocating times to each tasks meant I spent less time thinking about what I have to do, and reduced the risk of forgetting an important task.

Thank you for reading my blogpost, email me if you have any topics you would like me to discuss . Bye!

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