Making revision enjoyable

I agree revision can be so boring and the last thing you want to do sometimes, but with these little things revision can be somewhat enjoyable.

Doing to the library with your friends

Me and my friends would go to the library and work together, this was useful as the library is a quiet area so minimal distractions could occur and also you have your friends around who may take same subjects as you so you could ask them for questions.

My friends and I would take breaks at similar times so we could chat, usually we would go out and have lunch or something. This way you are kinda hitting two birds with one stone, you get to revise but also enjoy the company of your friends. If you get distracted easily by them don't sit next to each other!

Buy nice stationary

Little things like having nice stationary can make revision slightly more enjoyable, These are my favourite stationery:

Muji black pens -

Staedtler black rubber -

Paper Mate mechanical pencil -

Pastel highlighters-

Rewarding yourself

Have something to look forward to after revision, this could be allowing yourself to watch your favourite tv show or eating a treat. Rewarding yourself makes you feel better and bring little goals that you can easily achieve, also when you get to enjoy your reward you won't have that guilt at the back of your mind as you have already done the work.

Motivating each other

My friends and I would sometimes tell each other what we want to accomplish within a time period and see if we accomplish it. This allows you to be held accountable, and provides some healthy competition, remember to be realistic with your goals!

Hope these 4 tips make revision a little less daunting, and somewhat enjoyable. Thank you for reading my blogpost. Bye!

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