Staying productive during quarantine

Staying on top of your studies during quarantine is hard. You might find it hard to teach yourself and start a routine when everything around you is out of order. Hopefully with these little tips you can get your school life together.

Get changed

Getting change makes you feel more ready for the day and differentiates resting from work. I tend to be more lazy when I am in my pyjamas as I associate it with rest and you may feel the same way.

Watch videos

If you are struggling to teach yourself new content and you learn best with a teacher teaching you the information, look for videos on youtube for the topic or even ask a friend to teach it to you. Tailored tutor is a good site and I have links for chemistry videos on my site.

Make a schedule

I can't emphasise enough how important it is to plan your day, this allows you to have structure in your day and reducing procrastination. It gives structure in your days and goes you a direct plan of action.


It's important to move your body everyday, even if it's a little walk. Exercise is very beneficial for the body and the brain. Exercise also leaves you feeling mentally better and more productive in the day.

Group calls

Instead of working on your own, call your friends on zoom or any group calling network and work together, this makes you feel less lonely and you can help each other out. Of course if your finding that you keep distracting each other then don't do this.

Remove distractions

Remove any distractions that stop you from working efficiently and effectively. For me this is my phone, I switch it of when I want to work, this allows me to focus better on my revision meaning I am learning better and I spend less time doing it as I am not stopping every 5 minutes to check my phone.

Stay safe, and work smart! Thank you for reading my blogpost. Bye!

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