Why I don't write notes

Writing notes is a waste of time and isn't necessary to pass chemistry and biology A-Levels.

During my GCSE I found myself spending so much time writing notes but not using them equally as much when revising, I found that practice papers were the thing differentiating me from other students and allowing me to achieve higher grades.

Knowing that alevels are much harder then GCSE I decided not do any notes for A-levels ( my alevels are chemistry, biology and maths, so I only speak on behalf of these subjects some subjects you may find notes beneficial!) and that spaced up more time for me to do practice papers and perfect my exam technique.

Writing notes takes up too much time and it's unnecessary to excel in exams, and A-levels been very dense in topics you must be time efficient and smart on how you spend your revision, it is scientifically prove that notes don't help you succeed in exams, so why waste time on it?

Your school may provide you with booklets and textbooks and I found those were good enough for me, I reference them when I was unsure about a topic and used them as my "notes". You see I spent no time making them so I had more time actually learning and practicing the information I had learnt. Also I spent less time in total revising so I had more time for other activities.

In later blogs I will be telling you how to approach past papers and get the most out of them so keep a look at for it!

Just a reminder that I write from my experience and what I saw at my sixth form, other ways and routes can work too but I am writing on what was successful for me and others.

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